Admission procedure

The selection campaign is in three rounds.

The 1st round is an eligibility check of your application (form and attachments).

The 2nd round is a preselection stage. Applications are reviewed and ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Academic track records related to image/signal processing, programming skills, mathematics
  • Motivation
  • Recommendations

The 3rd round is an interview. In case your application is among the best ranked, you will be contacted by the Selection Committee for a final face-to-face interview through the Internet.


Official application results for the admission exercise are expected to be available in April.

Applicants will be notified of the application results by email once it is available. Results will NOT be released through any telephone or email enquiries.

The IPCV Selection is a fair competitive process. Due to the limited places available and the high number of applicants, the Selection Committee has to be very selective. However, in case of non-selection and if you have grounds to believe that your application file, although complete, has not been processed through the selection procedure, you may ask for further details by writing directly to the IPCV helpdesk: