Since Visa application may be a time-consuming process, we encourage students to start their application at least 3 months before their arrival in the country of study.

Non-EU students who are planning to study in Europe must schedule an appointment with the nearest Consulate of the country they will study in, to get information about what they need to do to obtain a Schengen Visa type D for study purpose, when they are intending to stay more than 3 months.



How to apply for a visa:

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Studies 

Registration card for EEA Nationals   


We recommend that if you are interested in beginning any immigration process that you regularly consult the web pages of the Police (Brigada de Extranjería) and of the Ministries of Education, Work and Foreign Affairs. To complement them, the Welcome Office will offer personalized assistance to all those that require it.

Visa and Visitor's Permit

Living in Spain


Within 3 months upon arrival, Non-European citizens will receive an invitation letter from the OFII (Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration) to go through mandatory procedures such as visa validation and if applicable medical visit.