Pablo Varona obtained an MS degree in Theoretical Physics in 1992 and a PhD in Computer Science from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in 1997. He was a postdoc and later an assistant research scientist at the Institute for Nonlinear Science, University of California, San Diego in the period 1998-2002. In 2002 he joined Universidad Autónoma de Madrid., where he is currently a Full Professor and coordinator of the Biological Neurocomputation Group. His research interests are framed within the context of integrative and computational neuroscience and range from top-down and bottom-up approaches of transient neural dynamics to model-driven closed-loop technologies, brain-computer interfaces and bio-inspired algorithms and devices. He is also involved in several biomedical engineering problems in which their knowledge of transient dynamics in biological signals is relevant. His research activity has led to over 78 papers in JCR indexed journals.


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