The IPCV Consortium is welcoming outstanding Academics who are interested in contributing to the study program and developing academic partnerships.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships will be awarded to selected scholars.

Wanting to become an IPCV scholar?

Applications are welcomed for the following areas of expertise:

  • Recent fundamental research in Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Various applications in Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Writing/presentation skills
  • IT project management

The selected applicants are expected to interact with IPCV students and professors. They commit to:

  • actively participate in the IPCV programme for the full duration of their visit;
  • bring concrete added value to the programme and students
  • contribute, after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of the IPCV programme.

The IPCV Consortium will cover travel expenses throughout the stay, and will additionally offer a remuneration of 150€ per day.

Application procedure

If you wish to apply as a scholar, please send the following documents to