Gergely LUKÁCS

Gergely LUKÁCS


Gergely Lukács studied electrical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and TU Wien. He received his Ph.D. degree in information systems from Universitaet Karlsruhe (now: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) in 2002. He was working at the Computer Science Research Centre in Karlsruhe and at a spin-off company for several years on data integration and analysis in the field of environmental science and management. He is currently an associate professor in database management and data mining at the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, leading also the lab Data.Media.Community. He teaches the subjects Database Systems I and II, as well as Data Mining and Machine Learning. His research interests include scalable data processing, media – with special focus on audio media – and, in collaborations, social network mining.


  • • Kiss-Tóth, Annamária; Dobson, Laszlo ; Péterfia, Bálint ; Ángyán, Annamária F. ; Ligeti, Balázs; Lukács, Gergely; Gáspári, Zoltán Occurrence of Ordered and Disordered Structural Elements in Postsynaptic Proteins Supports Optimization for Interaction Diversity ENTROPY 21:8 (2019)
  • • Tésenyi, Timea ; Lukács, Ágnes ; Járay, Márton ; Lukács, Gergely Identification of social network patterns among Hungarian clinical pastoral care professionals In: Sunbelt 2018
  • • Lukács, Gergely ; Jani, Mátyás Analyzing speech and music blocks in radio channels: Lessons learned for playlist generation In: Robles, R; Tallon-Ballesteros, A J; Pit, Pichappan (editors) Eleventh International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM) 2016.
  • • Jani, M; Lukács, G ; Takács, G Experimental investigation of transitions for mixed speech and music playlist generation In: 4th ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, ICMR 2014.
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